This video shows you how to create an online calendar for customer appointment scheduling in less than 2 minutes, and give your customers a way to see, in real time, when they can book you.


Whenever your customers schedule you for sales demo’s, home showings, or haircuts, setting up an online calendar does not have to be complex. TimeQ calendar took less than 2 minutes to create. (True statement, I timed myself in the video, check it out).

In this video, I go through the entire online scheduling setup process start to finish. Beginning with creating my TimeQ account, connecting the Google Calendar, and setting up the appointment scheduling page with the booking options. In the end, you will get a personal link to an online calendar page, which you can send to your customers in an email, web or text. The link can even be embed directly it into your website.

Your customers will do more business with you when you make it easy for them to do business with you. While we preach that, we wanted to make it easy for you to use TimeQ. That’s why we designed the entire process of setting up your calendar to be done in as few steps, take just a couple of minutes and be so ridiculously simple to understand.

When you schedule demands you juggle different times and availability for the various groups, there is an unlimited number of online calendars you can create, so make as many as you want, each with its options, appointment length times and settings. Send one link to customers and a different link for team meetings. Get those “office hours” booked with meaningful interactions. Those unlimited virtual calendars, connect to your own original Google Calendar and because of that, they update real time eliminating double booking.

But hey, don’t take our word for it, try it and decide yourself:

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