Carla, a Real Estate agent in San Diego, CA used TimeQ to schedule real estate showing appointments for her listings. Skipping the game of phone tag, text tag, and the back and forth that usually happens between agents,  buyers, and the sellers.

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I asked Carla to share some insights and tips on how she’s scheduling her showings and how she has set up her appointment calendars in TimeQ. Here is what she said:

It ‘s hard to schedule showings of occupied homes. Solving that problem starts with getting sellers, or tenants, who live in the home, to agree and commit to a showing schedule.

Sure, it’s easy to schedule Open House for the weekend well in advance. Get the seller to tidy up the house ahead of time and leave it to the agent for few hours. But it’s a different story when a potential buyer sees the house on the web, calls and wants to look at the home today.

Previously, a conversation with a seller about creating a showing would sound like this:

Carla: “When is the best time to show your home to prospective buyers?”

Home Seller: “Well, weekdays from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM while the kids are at school are good, except for Thursdays when it’s school’s short day. Oh, and every other Friday when you can show it from 5 PM to 8 PM, except any weekday that is a holiday, unless we have scheduled an open house. The weekends work best, we are out at the Volleyball games, which for the next five weeks run on Saturdays from 10 AM to 2 PM, and Sunday mornings when we are out at church. Of course, we’d need a couple of hours notice in case of plans change.”

Carla: …. speechlessly nodding and wondering how the heck she is going to show this home.

Yes, I am dramatizing a bit, but you get the idea.

Now with TimeQ, Carla replaced the silent nodding with “Ok, no problem.”  Because all the complexities of the busy lives are plugged into TimeQ online settings for each home she lists. With Carla’s calendar and TimeQ connected, available showing time is automatically determined in real-time and shows up on her booking page.

“… all the complexities of busy lives get plugged into Carla’s calendar and TimeQ online settings for each home she lists.”

Anyone interested in seeing the home get’s a link to that scheduling calendar and a friendly message from Carla saying “Hi there, here is the link to schedule time for you to see the home, pick any time that works for you.”

Carla says some clients commented on how simple scheduling was, compare to other agents sending them links that required downloading an app, registration on their website. Those are nice, but they deter people forcing them to call. With TimeQ scheduling is just a click, pick the time and you are done.

The best part, since starting to use TimeQ, Carla said she’s getting more activity on her listings. People gave up playing back and forth, or seen another home and skipped her listing. Now the appointments are getting scheduled quickly whenever the buyer wants to schedule it. More buyers looking means more offers on her listings.

Each scheduled showing captures the potential buyer info. This makes it easy for Carla to call, text or email them for follow up, and drive her deals to close.

“… more showings translates into more offers”

I love hearing Carla’s feedback; it validates our idea that we’ve created something, that solves a real problem in a very simple way. Give TimeQ a try for yourself:

Yes, it’s free to try TimeQ, and we don’t ask for your credit card or your first born for you to try it out.

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PS. TimeQ is a startup, there is no team of sales people pitching. There is just a solid product which solves real problems. If you know someone who could benefit from it, help us spread the word, send them a link or post it to social media. Thanks in advance!


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