Okay, I’m going to admit right off the bat, I am making a bad decision writing this in a heightened emotional state. I am not going to rant. I am not pissed off or angry; I am just super annoyed.


Annoyed business man pointing a bananaI hate flakiness. It is at the top of the list of the worst qualities I can think off, ranking right up there with undependability, non-appreciative people, and people who write Facebook posts the length of the presidential acceptance speeches.


Look, I know life happens, and I know emergencies come up. My annoyance is with ONE simple thing: respect other people’s time, be a person of your word… Ok, math geeks, I know it is technically two things.


I am annoyed, because, over the past two weeks, half of my days were wasted by three people. Let me tell you what’s going on. It happens from time to time in my software integration business, and it really should not surprise me, but this remains one of the most productivity destructive thing for me.


This is an exchange between a potential customer and me:

Client: “I am so excited I found you, and that you actually understand our needs! I can’t wait to get started and get my software integrated, automated and save thousands of dollars!

Me: “Great! Let me spends WEEKS of my time researching, compiling data, designing your solution, and we’ll schedule a screen share to review your new process. How about Wednesday at 2.”

Client: “I am excited! I’ll check my schedule and confirm via email.”

Me: Ten back-and-forth emails, phone messages, two complete re-arrangements of my day to accommodate, two no-shows without cancellations and then reschedules later… I realized that I had spent more time chasing this client and scheduling a call than doing actual work.


Yes, I am dramatizing and editorializing the conversation, but you get the point! How disorganized could this person possibly be? And to top if off with no-show, without any notice, while my time is GONE, lost forever!


I am sure you can relate, and if you work with people, this had happened to you! While you steam thinking how you could have been working on another project, meeting with another customer, helping someone who you had to turn down.


The life of a modern business professional is amazing. It is a joy to meet and work with incredible folk, who inspire and demand the best of you! It is awesome and humbling to be in demand and to see your business grow. You work hard, do a good job, go above and beyond to serve your clients, and be there for them.


“Easy to use for all who want your service
and a powerful ally for you, to help you serve them.”


Thanks to all the flaky people, for the kick in the rear, and inspiring the building of TimeQ. A scheduling web app to solve a meeting back-and-forth. Never again miss the opportunity to serve the clients who are eager to be served.

Easy to use for all who want your service and a powerful ally for you to help serve them. Please do this one thing today, give it a try and let me know how I can make it better.

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