These two simple productivity hacks free up your time and force everyone you work with to be more efficient.

Time For YourselfToo many things to do, and too few hours in the day. Sounds familiar? When your job involves constant interactions with people, you inevitably fall victim to their disorganization and inefficiencies. A well planned out and organized week flies out of the windows as you find yourself juggling emails, calls, last minute changes. You spend a day running from meeting to meeting with barely enough time to get things done.

Every productivity guru will tell you that efficient schedule is the cornerstone of time management and shortening the time window of your availability helps you take control of that. While this might sound counter-intuitive, by making yourself less available, you essentially force everyone you work with into higher efficiency mode.

To make this work do these two things:

1. Create a public facing appointment scheduling calendar page . TimeQ is a scheduling application that creates a personalized online calendar and meeting booking page based your real-time availability and settings.

For example, if you go to my TimeQ page, you would see my availability for the week and request a meeting for any available time slots. If I accept, the meeting would be added to each of our calendars.

TimeQ Let's Meet Email Signature2. Add the link to your scheduling page into your email signature. When someone wants to meet with you, you can say: “Hi, Here is my schedule. Pick any time that works best for you.”

People viewing your calendar only see the days you choose to be available. If you decided that Tuesday and Thursday are your days for meetings, as far as they know, you are just really busy on Monday Wednesday and Friday.

When prospective clients, co-workers, supplier sales reps, etc. see your booking page, they love the flexibility to choose the time they want. While you are not worrying about saying “No” to meeting times that don’t work.

As a bonus, you also stop the back-and-forth emails trying to schedule things. Sure, the days you designate for meetings will be booked up, and hectic, but you are freeing up the rest of your time to higher productivity or just time for yourself.

People who’ve tried this simple technique loved the results of the productive schedule.

if you have not tried TimeQ I invite you to try it. While we are in beta, the service is completely free for the next 100 beta customers. DON’T wait until you have to pay for something you can try for FREE today.

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