Hairstylist Online Appointment Setting

Simple reason is that you will make more money and you will serve better clients. Here are top 7 reasons to create a calendar and let your customer’s schedule you:

1. New Opportunities.

You make a living serving customers, and every missed customer interaction is a lost opportunity. When customers need your service and have a choice between calling to get an appointment vs. schedule one them self. They will choose to schedule them self, five times more often. Today, you are missing those customers.


2. You Win the Competition.

Think about it, would you rather do business with a person who you can’t reach or one you can book right now? Customers are impatient. When they think of you, be there to take their appointment, 24/7. Make it easy for customers to do business with you.


3. Customer’s Search Stops on You.

If you force your customers to leave messages, they will do that. But you know what else they will do? They will keep looking around for someone else. Ever had that happen, when you called someone back and they say “Thanks, but I found someone else.” Click… We all have. Online scheduling stops that dead in the tracks. When the customer booked you, they are done looking. They got the job of finding you done. You got the job of serving them.


4. You Set Your Schedule.

When you share your availability, you get to control when your customers book you. Want to have all your appointments set on weekdays while the kids are in school? Go for it. Set a setting that says “I am free Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 3 PM”. Connect your calendar to take your free times into account, and watch your appointment slots fill up.


5. From Prospects to Customers.

By letting clients schedule you right away, you shorten the time they are to be your prospect. Clients move them self from prospect to a customer with a simple “schedule you” action.


6. High-Quality Clients.

Customers who schedule you, are the best quality clients. They need your service, they want to buy from you, and they make a commitment by booking you. Not only does online scheduling drives your sales, but it also puts the best possible customers at the top!


7. Get Customer Info, Stay in Touch.

When customer schedules the appointment, you instantly get their information without having to remember to ask for it and then remember where you wrote it down. Their contact, is your systems, email, calendar. Stay in touch, reach out to them. Chances are, they are your best clients.


If you read this, and still prefer to have each customer call you to book your service. Well, let’s just agree to disagree.

For the rest of us, set up your online scheduling page in less than 2 minutes now. Send a link to schedule you, to few of your prospects. Put schedule me link in your email signature. Link to it from your website. Watch what happens.


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